What to look for

  1. Stainforth Village itself is situated on a terrace away from the river, on the banks of Stainforth Beck (stream). The seventeenth century packhorse bridge over the main River Ribble (reached over the main road and down to Little Stainforth) shows the village’s former importance as a stopping point on the packhorse route through the dales between Lancaster and York.  A few metres downstream lies Stainforth Force, a smaller waterfall and wonderful place to watch salmon leap in autumn as they migrate upstream to spawn.
  2. This walk enables you to enjoy views of all of Yorkshire’s Three Peaks – Ingleborough (723 metres high), Pen-y-Ghent (694 metres high) and Whernside (just the highest at 736 metres high). People often undertake the 3 peaks challenge to walk and climbs all three in one go, just over 23 miles! People try to complete in under 12 hours.
  3. Catrigg Force (waterfall) – water from Catrigg Beck squeezes through a narrow gap in the limestone rocks and plunges around 20 feet down two levels into a pool below. A further 20 metres away is a second waterfall which is somewhat harder to see as the beck drops considerably further. Take care around the waterfall as there are steep drops and the paths are steep and can be slippery.
    The water in Stainforth Beck eventually reaches the village below and flows into the River Ribble, one of the Yorkshire Dales’ larger rivers.
  4. Goatscar Lane – this historic lane was once part of a vital trade link between Lancaster and York.