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Dry Rigg and Horton in Ribblesdale

1. Swarth Moor is a rare lowland raised peatbog and Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Locals used to cut peat in early summer, leave it to dry and store it for fuel in the winter. Now the land is protected for the important wildlife habitats that are home to many rare and scarce plants […]

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Clapham to Austwick

1. Clapham Church was originally built 800 years ago but the oldest part is the 15th century tower. It was rebuilt by the Farrer family of Ingleborough Hall in 1814. They also built the tunnels so that people using Thwaite Lane could not look into their grounds. 2. Thwaite Lane is an ancient route between […]

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Clapham Village to Ingleborough Cave

Clapham village (click here to find out more about the village itself The Nature Trail The Nature trail was set up by the Ingleborough Estate to commemorate Reginald Farrer a botanist and seed collector. The woods are home to many of the new species of rhododendrons, shrubs and alpine plants that he collected in […]

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